Wednesday, November 10, 2010


In the last three days I have been to the John Hancock's observation deck twice. At work a couple groups needed an extra person to go on their field trips downtown and I got to go. I was pretty siked.

Monday I turned my camera on and it was dead. Today I was prepared, battery charged and ready. I also took some shots with my Diana. Both days were a little hazy and not the best for photographs. But I still loved the view.

I like the shadows in the picture above, the view of Lake Shore Drive, and that I can see where Tim and I got engaged... almost two years ago now.

I went up the Sears Tower in high school... and it's funny the difference the years have made. Back then, I lived in California and didn't have any idea what I was seeing. Now, every where I look is full of memories.

I love this city.

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