Monday, August 30, 2010

every good gift

Yesterday I posted about a week with Jesus. Today, I gave the day to Jesus. It's funny, even though today wasn't free of the trials I have been experiencing day to day, it was different. I found myself praying, over and over, at the darkest point of my day. And it made all the difference. Jesus was with me today, and it was beautiful.

I have hope for tomorrow, and I can say without a doubt it is because of Him.

"Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change." James 1:17

Thank You Father, Thank You Son, Thank You Holy Spirit. You took today and made it good. Tomorrow and everyday is Yours.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

a week with Jesus

For the days I wake up with bags under my eyes, greasy hair, and a nasty film over my teeth. The alarm startles my dreams and remind me it's time to leave my husband and cozy bed to hit the shower. Tim and I get into the car and commute to school/work and I say "I don't want this day, I'm ready for tomorrow."

Tim has graciously told me on several occasions that I should just give those days to God, especially since I don't seem to want them. Maybe He can make something good out of a day that seemed like a waste before it even began.

Sometimes I take this advice well, I pray and the day is new. Sometimes I don't. I insist that all I want to do is u-turn, go home, crawl into bed, and sip chamomile tea until evening rush hour is over. Since jobs pay the bills, I go to work anyway, and wander my way through a purposeless day, tired and ill-humored inside.

I don't want to live another day like this. I want to change my perspective on life, where everyday is lived for Christ and given to Him... whether I am ready for the day or not. It's hard to remember this when circumstances are rough, be it small (I didn't get enough sleep) or big (spiritual trials at work or home).

I'm sure, as always, that the answer lies where my heart is.... focused on myself or focused on Christ. Can my whole life revolve around Him the way it has revolved around me the last 23 years? What if I breathed, spoke, dreamed and lived Jesus all day long? I know this would change the look of my everyday, and this week I'm going to pursue this reality.

How do you feel about this? If you are anything like me, this probably seems impossible. And it is. I can't do it myself, neither can you. Don't feel bad, descendants of Adam and Eve are notoriously self-centered. I think the way to live like Jesus is to give every part of your life to Him. Let Him work in you.

So, it is easy for me to write this on Sunday, a day that I slept in, went to church, and have a free evening. It is difficult to live this tomorrow, an early Monday back at work, staring down another week. Everyday this week my goal is to verbally give the day to Jesus in the morning, whether or not I am ready for the day... and see where He takes it.

I think, regardless of alarm clocks, long hours, greasy hair, and traffic this is going to be a good week. Why? Because it doesn't belong to me anymore.

"Take my moments and my days, let them flow in ceaseless praise."

I love You Jesus.

Monday, August 16, 2010

a fortnight and a half in review

Wow. The last few weeks have been crazy. Good, stressful, tearful, and blessed. Can all of those things be contained in 21 days? Certainly.

I have been wanting to write all this time and I haven't found the space in between family, church, work, vacation, a wedding, and friends.

Generally, I write lovely monday posts on Mondays. Today, I'm going to write a little differently. Today, I elaborate.

A fortnight and a half in review:

1. The week before our vacation with family was one of the most stressful weeks at work ever. Period. But somehow, even though I was frustrated and cried many tears, I didn't collapse like other weeks. I found strength in the Lord through the Psalms. God was my refuge, a very present help in my time of trouble. My weaknesses didn't disappear, but God was strong in every circumstance.

2. We went on vacation with Tim's family to the Northwoods. It was very relaxing and fun. We got to spend quality time with Tim's parents, siblings, their spouses, and our adorable nieces and nephews. We also took hikes, boat rides, waterskied, and fished. I caught a ten-inch bass with Tim, and I'm pretty sure it was the first decent fish I had ever cast for and reeled in. Thank you husband for the valuable fishing lesson, that bass was a small beauty.

3. Saturday my dear brother Isaac married his lovely wife Alysa. I am so happy for them, and I'm so excited to see where God takes them in the future. Like I said in my last blog, I'm looking forward to the day they live next door to Tim and I so our future children can grow up together. Well, unless the Lord wills it that may never happen.... but even so I'm looking forward to family reunions, and trips to each other's homes, and all other good things that come with growing up.

4. My roommate from college and her husband came to stay with us over the weekend and came to the wedding. It was so fun to hang out with them, we are very blessed by their friendship.

5. Yesterday Tim and I played our first show in awhile at a church on the North Shore. It was extremely fun, we enjoyed playing and talking to people that came and the other musicians that played after the show. We are hoping that this show will give us a little momentum as we look into playing some more.

6. I started my new position at work today, and felt very relaxed... and very little stress. It was awesome. I'm looking forward to dreaming, writing, and singing more with the extra mental energy I experienced today.

7. God's love and faithfulness to Tim and I is never ending. I am overwhelmed with how He has cared for us this year, and amazed at how He continues to draw Tim and I closer to Himself and to each other.

These are a few lovely happenings from my past few weeks... hopefully it wasn't too boring. How is God working in your life? What beautiful things did you see today? I'd love to hear about them. Love and peace.

Friday, August 13, 2010

on the eve of your wedding day: isaac & alysa

To Isaac & Alysa:

Tomorrow is your wedding day. You made it. All the planning and waiting is almost over. Tomorrow you will finally be husband and wife. Your love for each other and commitment to Christ is a witness and a joy to everyone around you.

God brought you two together, may He always reign in Your marriage. You two are a blessing to your families and a blessing to me. Tim and I can't wait to live next door to you. :-) Love and prayers.