Monday, October 18, 2010

road trip-the wedding and the end

Congratulations Jesse and Kristen! The wedding on Saturday was beautiful, and the church was quite stunning. It was the oldest church in the diocese and the architecture was impressive. We are so happy for the new Mr. and Mrs., and we wish them all the best!

The road trip was great fun, we got to hang out with our dear friend Chuck (good conversations, playing lots of Boggle and Epidemic, as well as going to Starbucks) and we met new friends too. We got to know the great city of Buffalo and see Niagra Falls... all in all, it was very fun and relaxing.

Can't wait until the next one.

*This is the card I designed for Jesse and Kristen... both of them being excellent poets, I copied a few Elizabeth Browning's poems to create a Chicago skyline.... more coming soon.

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