Monday, October 11, 2010


I took a walk today with Chewie (Tim's childhood dog) through our neighborhood. I believe the time of day was what our wedding photographer called the "bewitching hour." Everything looked beautiful outside so we ran back upstairs to get the camera. I was a little disappointed at my attempts to catch the gorgeous lighting, but I still thoroughly enjoyed my walk with Chewie and the beautiful leaves.

It smelled like cold weather was rolling in, and it mingled deliciously with the smell of perishing leaves. I truly love autumn, I love the cool days, sweaters and khakis, changing leaves, pumpkins, apple cider, etc. It reminds me of days spent running around outside as a child, thrashing through leaves and building forts. It reminds me of when Tim and I started dating three years ago (it seems like forever ago, that sweet exciting time). It's such a lovely season filled with wonderful memories....

What do you love about autumn?


  1. I love sunshine and cool weather and taking walks with Chewie and Russell running through leaves! :)

    I also love the reminder that change can be a blessed thing. This time last year things were started to change in more ways than one and I am so glad that I embraced them.

  2. What do I love about Autumn? That Winter is right around the corner!