Monday, October 11, 2010

interludes and adventures

I love music. I love listening to it, singing, playing music, and writing music with Tim. As early as I can remember, there was music playing all around me... at home and at church. And before I can remember, my mom has stories of how I responded to music (particularly the soundtrack to Amadeus). I remember singing along to Phil Keaggy, Say-So, and Jacob's Trouble. I remember singing in church, during Sunday services or Christmas plays. I remember my first radio with a tapedeck. My first discman. My first recital. The first song Tim wrote for me. Our first show. On and on. Music.

One thing I didn't love about music when I was young was the interlude. When I would listen to a favorite rock song, I hated the parts where there weren't any lyrics. I wanted them to get back to the words, to the story. Stop messing around with guitar solos, I want to sing a long... this is boring.

I don't really feel like this anymore. I enjoy beautiful interludes, weeping strings that swell with emotion, intricate guitar parts carefully picked, and passionate melodies from piano keys. Sometimes it is the interlude that moves you to tears, the music can speak what words cannot.

However, I do think my childhood dislike of the interlude sheds a little light on my tendency to be, well, a little impatient during waiting times. Times when life is an interlude. Nothing is really changing, just waiting for the next direction from God.

I get excited for changes. Moving around with my family instilled a little wanderlust in my heart. I get ready to move on to the next adventure. But sometimes, its not time for an adventure. Sometimes, its time to wait, be still, know that the Lord is God.

I think my impatience sometimes gets in the way of what God wants to do next. I'm so busy trying to peek around the corner, I miss what is right in front of me. Maybe its a small adventure, maybe its a heart change, maybe its a friend that needs an encouraging word.

The last couple weeks I have been striving to take more time to be with God. I have found that being more faithful in the day to day is making the day to day more purposeful, and dare I say... an adventure?

I forget that being a follower of Christ is all the adventure I need. Everyday following Him is beautiful, be it an interlude or sweet lyrics. I do not need a change to find purpose, following Christ provides my life with meaning everyday. Days I feel joyful, days I feel depressed. Days I'm ready for, and days I'm too tired for. He can handle all of them, especially the ones that are too big for me.

"My sheep hear My voice and they follow Me." John 10:27

I'm His sheep and He has a plan for me everyday. Sometimes I listen, sometimes I stuff my ears with my own wool.

I'm ready to wait on my King, my Shepherd, my Love, my Songwriter. What do You have for me today Jesus? Interlude or lyric, rest or adventure.... I'm here.

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