Saturday, October 3, 2009


The last couple weeks I have been thinking about the transience of this life. I'm sort of embarrassed to claim it, lest it seem that I'm trying to sound more intellectual, brilliant, etc. It seems like the sort of thing you would say to impress. Ok, I'll cast those doubts aside... the transient state of our lives can be a scary and intimidating thought to dwell upon for too long. It makes you feel, well, mortal.

All these things are passing away. It's all been said before, "All flesh is grass, and all it's beauty is like the flower of the field."

My life has been compared to that of a flower, which may last but one day.

How do I live in light of my passing? Well, a short examination of my thoughts this morning led me to believe that my life is more often than not wasted on useless things. For example, I will give a snapshot of my thoughts as I donned my brown sweater in front of a full length mirror.

"What if brown goes out of style, thus invalidating 75% of my wardrobe? Will I conform, or will I suffer the consequences of fashion? Wait, is brown in style to begin with?"

I worry to often about things that don't matter, and push to tomorrow the things that are necessary for life. Yesterday at the high school youth group Tim and I work with Pastor Bob talked about the Word of God and how vital it is that we know it, study it, and ask the Spirit to work in our lives through it. How often is that forefront in my mind? Out of the thousands of hours I have already lived, how many have I used meditating on God's word?

"The grass withers, the flower fades when the breath of the Lord blows on it; surely the people are grass. The grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of our God will stand forever."
Isaiah 40:7-8

God knows I'm grass. God knows I have a sheep's IQ. In His grace He has given me His word so that I can know my frailness and invest in His kingdom with the breaths left to me. He knows my limitations, and in my weakness, He proves strong. Give me Your strength Lord, that I may know you through Your Word, and work in Your kingdom until You call me home.
I don't need to be afraid of this transient life, I serve the eternal God and His love never ends.

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  1. Thanks be to God that He offers His grace! I, too, have to confess that my thoughts are mostly on this life and not the eternal. Like last night...."Just how LONG is this meeting going to go?"