Saturday, October 3, 2009

beginning again

I haven't written for awhile. My last blog seemed to die on the vine with the approach of my wedding. Busy days, turned to busy weeks and the blog was left alone. It wasn't only the busyness, but it seemed like my inability to think one coherent thought with the list of tasks and life changes that were looming immediately underneath my eyelids kept me from writing.

All that being said, I'm starting a new blog with my new married name. So many things change with a wedding, and then you get to live out those changes in marriage. And I love it. Tim is wonderful. Being his wife is more beautiful than I could have imagined. I am his beloved, and he is mine.

Since he has given me his name, I have taken a new URL, a new blog.

The title of this one may seem confusing, but it is an idea that has stuck with me for awhile. I have been on a sort of pilgrimage to understand the grace of God, and it seems to me that grace is one of the most wonderful gifts, something that is inexplicably beautiful and it consistently runs counter to the world I know. In a word, it laughs at the ways of this world, offers us the Son, and brings us into the Father's love. This blog is about living in this grace, a grace that I don't understand, seek to know, need to receive, and need to give.

This blog, similar to pursuing peace, will have essays, thoughts, poems, and perhaps some drawings and photos as well.

So, to you my dear reader, this may have been less than understandable. If so, my deepest apologies. I will try better in my next post. And so it begins, again.

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