Wednesday, March 23, 2011

everyday joy

Today was a real doozy. The afternoon at least. On the way home from work Tim and I decided we would put a little distance between ourselves and the day. I debriefed with him and then we prayed for everyone involved at work. I felt lighter, and I feel so much love for the people I am privileged to spend each day with... each one of them a unique member of God's creation. This reminded once again why prayer is amazing. God can change any circumstance into something beautiful.

Tim treated me to dinner at Portillo's and a little date to Barnes and Noble. Per family tradition I had a hot dog; the Brooklyn blood lives on! For dessert, Tim had a chocolate shake and I had a caramel latte. I learned something new today- caramel syrup at Starbuck's does not have corn syrup in it. Boo ya.

We sat and looked at some magazines, and after thoroughly enjoying "Country Living- British Edition" and the French "Marie Claire Idées" I considered the following things:

1. I can't wait until Tim and I go on our dream trip to Europe (time of arrival yet undetermined)
2. I love gardens and I can't wait until we have our own little plot of earth (maybe a rooftop garden someday?)
3. I love the color blue- I love it on walls, dishes, clothes, everything. Calm colors are always a good choice.
4. I like sitting in the cookbook section.
5. I'm so grateful to be alive and spend an evening relaxing with my best friend.

I found a lot of comfort today in the knowledge that God made everyone and made every good thing- art, food, design, gardens, language, love, and on and on.

God has created so many good and lovely things. He is so good, I'm very thankful that He abides with me and knows me. May we all know Him better each and every day. Our ever constant, everlasting source of joy.

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