Monday, May 17, 2010

lovely monday

Dear Week,

This Monday has been lovely.

1. A less stressful day at work, new energy to go on.
2. A lox and goat cream cheese sandwich.
3. Pretty clouds.
4. Homemade pizza.
5. A night at home with Tim.
6. Joy.
7. Realizing, the good gifts from today were from God. Thank You for a lovely new beginning.

Hope your Monday has been blessed. What are some things you are thankful for this week?


  1. I like your lovely mondays Abby!

    Here's a few things I found lovely today:

    1. A smiling stranger, wishing me a happy day while I was walking home.
    2. The innocence of a 1 year old... the way she runs across the room when she sees you, sits herself in your lap and laughs as she says your name.
    3. A quiet evening of doing schoolwork by the light of a desk lamp.
    4. Playing that part of a piano song perfect for the first time after hours and hours of practice.
    5. A friend who reminded me to find lovely things in a day that at first I didn't think had anything lovely in it.

  2. Yeah!!! on the lox and goat cheese! Good for you!!!

    Lovely Monday...
    1. Being home again!
    2. Nathanael being surprised I got him out of bed : )
    3. Not having much laundry to do~ SUPER good!
    4. E & C ...& J came home
    5. Going out to lunch with your dad and G & G
    6. Looking into your dad's eyes and smiling
    7. Reading out loud to your sibs
    8. Eating dinner again with the family
    9. Your dad reading the Bible with your sisters
    10. Going to bed in my own bed

  3. Anna and Mom- I really like your lists a lot, thank you for sharing them with me!