Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Friends. I have missed them. Moving around can create that sort of pain. Pictured above are me and two of my dear old friends. Both of them might kill me for posting this picture on my blog, but then again, I pulled it off Facebook.

From 6th grade through junior year of high school they were two of my best friends when my family lived in Fresno. Oh, Fresno, your palm trees and endless summer....I hardly knew ye.

I talked to Kathleen for the first time in a long time on Saturday. It was amazing how easy it was to connect after not seeing each other for six years. Things have changed dramatically in both of our lives... we're both married and we barely scratched the surface when it came to catching up. The conversation was so natural, and it was very encouraging to talk to her.

Lately it seems as though friendship has been popping up all over my days, painting them with the bold colors of new friends and the well-loved soothing tones of the old.

I tend to let my friendships fizzle a little bit as time and place change. I don't really like making phone calls, they stress me out. I'm sorry if I don't call you as often as you would like me to, it's one of my stupid phobias. In fact, I wish I called you more. I'm sorry.

God really uses friendships in our lives, the new ones and the old ones. It is comforting to me to know that even if I don't see some of my friends ever again, the ones who trust in Christ I will be reunited with in heaven. And our friendship will be what it was meant to be on earth... we won't hurt each other through miscommunication anymore. No more tears.

I pray that my friends that don't know Christ will come to Him. Heaven's waiting, and I hope to see them there when all is accomplished.

I love you friends, may your days be filled with joy and peace in Christ.


  1. oh, you know I love this photo, Abby! My sweet junior high girls. All beautiful women now.

    Beautiful words as well.

  2. Thanks Emily! I like the photo too:-)