Tuesday, March 23, 2010

in the presence of idols

I thought that I had beat the issue of idols when I entered adolescence. I wrote on my old blog about the presence of idols in my childhood. Most infamously my teddy bear Snowball. I couldn't bear the thought of letting go of my favorite toys. They were too important to me. I didn't want to sacrifice them to God. Please Lord, something else.

Well, age took care of that problem. I grew out of my need for stuffed companions. But I have found out recently, idols still exist in my life. Israel, the Baals have been unmasked.

Timothy Keller recently wrote a book about idols called "Counterfeit Gods." Tim was reading it and he suggested I read a chapter of it. And it was very convicting, and comforting.

Keller talked about how an idol is something that we put before God. And it is hard to know we have put it before God, especially when they are good things.... things like family, job, friends... etc. It seems I make idols out of good things too.... my husband, time, happiness, art, an idealized future. Many times there isn't something inherently wrong with your idol, its just.... too important.

It feels like giving up the idol will render me helpless. If I give it to God, will it no longer bring me happiness? Will it disappear altogether? I hold on tightly to them, sitting upon them like Rachel in hopes that the Father will pass them by unnoticed. Please Lord, something else.

I have to sacrifice even this. The things that I feel bring me meaning, must be given to Him. He is meaning... His story will be better than the one I write. I have to cast my idols at the feet of my Father and get back on the altar.

Lord, give me faith that Your way is the way of joy. Take these idols. My life is Yours.

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