Monday, February 15, 2010

lovely mondays part two

So, last week I made up a list of things that made me happy to brighten the monday morning blues. This week I made another list, struggling to not repeat all of last week's list.... those things were very lovely, you know.

Here is this Monday's list:
  • roses
  • watercolor paper
  • our goldfish "Mr. & Mrs. Ophish"
  • trying a new recipe
  • candles
  • clean socks
  • a new poem
  • and, my dear husband
I was very excited today that I had a little time to work on a new poem. Something I pondered in the process was how giving my Father in heaven is. Especially in regards to creative endeavors. Every good thing comes from Him. Including creativity. I didn't used to believe it when people said "I want to give all the glory to God....", because well, they picked up the pen right? That was before I experienced creative writer's block. God gives all things. And I love Him, whether or not I live to write another day. Or whether I live another day without writing. God gives every gift, including creative ability.

God makes such lovely Mondays doesn't He?


  1. Is that one goldfish named "Mr. & Mrs. Ophish" or two?

  2. A wonderful list! And I DID hear about the creative name (names?) of those goldfish!